2 Seater Atom Classic Foldable Sofa Bed

(102 customer reviews)

– Suitable For Condo & Airbnb
– Space Saving
– Couch Convertible Mattress In Seconds
– Non-fray And Fade Resistant Fabric
– An Array Of Colour
– Firm & Durable
– Color Options: Tangerine | Midnight Green | Burgundy | Shadow Grey
– DIY & Easy To Assemble

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Burgundy, Midnight Green, Shadow Grey

102 reviews for 2 Seater Atom Classic Foldable Sofa Bed

  1. sheda82

    Product mmg puAs aty…dgn harge berpatutan…kuALiti sofa pun baek…but time penghAntarAn tue kureng…skynet Lmbt…order ary kamis…sbtu dh smpai tnggu seLasa br nk hntr Ke rumah penerima..bdk yg hntr pun xbrpe nk membantu…

  2. ainelysa

    Delivery sangat2 lambat sampai kene extend shopee guarantee . Kualiti barang bagus . Saller respond dgn elok . Tapi masa penghantaran mmg tak puas hati sangat2 lambat . Ngam ngam tarikh last shopee guarantee brg sampai . So kalau nak return ke apa ke jadi susah .

  3. shana9412

    Cepat smpai .. berbaloi sgt beli .. husb ckp nti bole beli lg stu .. excellent service by seller

  4. noriahsansuri

    Fast delivery! Received in just 2 days. Sofa is easy to install, doesnt need screwdriver but only used the provided allen key. Product is suited with the price, not too comfy. Overall ok 👌🏻

  5. fazreenhaziq91

    Tak sangka sofa bed ni betul2 rendah. Haha. But semua nya okay. Kualiyi kena dgn harga. Thank you seller

  6. nanaboyz2018

    Fast delivery… Nice sofa bed sesuai utk ruang santai yg kecik… Good service n recommnded

  7. wan_0851

    Barang sangat ok.senang pasang..cuma kerusi rendah…penghantaran lajuuuuuuuuuu..terbaiik terima kasih

  8. sitinurhayatiar

    Cantik saya sudah repeat order nice walaopon xbesar sgt tp ok la cntik juga . Ok kk ok

  9. Mary Malathi Kannan (verified owner)

    The most favourite couch that I ever gotten.. definitely will repeat order of the same couch.. I am super duper satisfied.. item were delivered 2 days after the order was placed..

  10. azrihan_nicky

    Very nice. Bit low but suitable for my baby. Bought special for her section. Rather buying small kids sofa, better buy this sofa bed. At least can be adult bed. Amaze with the time of delivery. Only took 2 days. Status in shopee was not updated but the delivery guy will call before deliver.

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